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State of the Art Wind Turbine


3MW Direct Drive Technology

A3000:  Innovative, efficient and reliable

The gained experience after many years of turbine operation and maintenance of different kind of turbine types has crucially  influenced the development of the A3000. Thus a remarkably efficient and reliable machine with minimal maintenance requirements has been created. Die Amperax A3000 is a state of the art wind turbine. Its direct driven permanen magnet generator enables high efficiency at low wind speeds.The rotor blade was specially developed for the A3000 and thus a particularly fine tuned turbine permormance has been achieved. Further advantages at a glance:

  • Life-cycle costs have a low level due to the easy maintainance
  • High turbine availability
  • Resource-optimized erecting concept
  • High-level qualitity control owing to own assembling
  • Easy logistics i.a. due to segmented transportation of the generator
  • Modern production facilities with high capacities and quality standards

Integrated direct driven synchronous generator

The amount of moving components has been considerably reduced due to the design of generator. The integrated multipolar permanent-magnet generator makes possible to create a technically simple but innovative design with an optimized efficiency.The generator reaches the rated power already at a rotational speed of 12 rpm, which is a very low value in this power category. This slow rotation makes possible for the turbine to maintain a low acoustic power level.

Full power converter technology

The continuous improvement in the development of electrotechnical components offers the possibility to use a new generation of generators and converters for this new wind turbine. The power electronics have been completely positioned in the tower bottom. With this turbine design the nacelle fulfills its primary function: converting wind energy into electrical energy, thus nearly all control and automation processes are executed in the tower bottom. By means of the full power converter technology the wind turbine can fulfill all the relevant grid codes (including but not limited to BDEW Medium-Voltage Technical Guideline 2008, SDL-WindV).

(Picture: The Switch Engineering Oy)


By means of the integrated drive concept and using modern technology, a competitive wind turbine has been created to be installed in the wind farms planned and operated by Amperax.The direct drive makes a considerable reduction of the maintenance costs possible in comparison to conventional gearbox turbines. The long experience of Amperax in the operational management of wind farms has influenced the development of the A3000 and furthermore is apparent in the low maintenance and the robust technology of the machine.



The A3000 can be supplied with different hub heights and for different climate conditions. On steel tower or on higher hybrid towers with a concrete base. Either for standard temperature environments or for cold climate environments. Certified according to the last wind turbine guide lines of Germanischer Lloyd.

Hub height 92m

Wind class IECIII/DIBt2
Steel tower consisting of four tubular segments
Standard temperature conditions

Hub height 122m

Wind class IECIII/DIBt2
Hybrid tower consisting of fa concrete base an two tubular segments
Low temperature conditions

Hub height 142m

Wind class IECIII/DIBt2
Hybrid tower consisting of fa concrete base an two tubular segments
Standard temperature conditions



The A3000 has rotor blades of fibreglass-reinforced epoxy resin with integrated lightning protection. Each rotor blade is connected to the hub by a double-row ball bearing and has an individual electrical activation. The special emergency stop system is equipped with a separate pitch control mechanism, which enables the blades to rotate up to a predefined park position even if a grid failure occurs.



The wind turbine is equipped with an electrical yaw system in order to align the nacelle with the wind direction. The friction of the slide bearing units ensures the damping of the external loads during yawing.



The nacelle can be mounted on steel-tube towers or on higher hybrid (concrete and steel) towers. The turbine is equipped with a lift with the capability of carrying up to three persons.


Control unit

The wind turbine is controlled by a microprocessor-based industrial computer. This control unit includes all safety devices. The unit can be adapted and configured according to the specific requirements of each wind farm. For surveillance, error analysis and remote control purposes, the wind turbine is equipped with a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)-system.

Technical data

Type 3 blades, horizontal axis
Rotor diameter 116m
Swept area 10568 m²
Wind category IEC III, DIBt 2
Power regulation Pitch control
Tilt angle 4 °
Pitch system Individual electrical drive
Type Direct driven permanent-magnet generator
Rated speed 12 rpm
Rated voltage 690 V
Cooling Air-cooled
Rated power 3000 kW
Cut-in wind speed 3 m/s
Rated wind speed 11.3 m/s
Cut-out wind speed 23 m/s
Short time cut-out wind speed 30 m/s
Supporting structure
Hub Nodular cast iron
Main bearing Adjusted bearing unit
Main frame Nodular cast iron
Hub height 92m
(Steel tower)
122m / 142m
(Hybrid tower - concrete/steel)
Type Aktive
Yaw bearing Friction bearing elements
Yaw drive 8 electric drives
Yaw brake Friction of the bearing elements
Type Full power converter
Grid frequency 50 Hz
Control Modular PLC
Cooling Water cooled
Control system
Type Modular PLC
Internal communcation PROFINET, CAN Bus, TCP/IP
HMI Touch panel
Park communication Industrial Ethernet
Rotor 74 t
Nacelle incl. generator 134 t
Tower (hh 92 m) 300 t
Tower (hh 122 m) 1000 t concrete part + 110 t Steel part
Tower (hh 142 m) 1500 t concrete part + 110 t Steel part


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